Friday, May 28, 2010

Debi's Podcast Post

When I would be talking with some of my bridal clients, I'd once in awhile get a bride who was on the verge of "bridezilla-itis". This would be the bride who, when making decisions on her cake flavor and food for the wedding, would tell me, "I dont' care what everyone else likes. This is MY wedding!" At which point, I'd cross my arms, peer out over my gramma-glasses, drop into my Paula Dean voice and give her the "This ain't all about you" speech.

I kept my hair gray as a marketing tool. When you're going to get into an argument with a Southern gramma, you are just NOT going to win.

To demonstrate the advantages of podcasting, I'm going to type out my speech below. I invite you to read it as you imagine I would be saying it ..... and then compare it to the podcast, where you get to hear it live and in person. See if you can tell where I put on my "sweet southern gramma smile" ..... as I drive my point home with them! (heh heh heh hehhhhhh!)

I must point out that long ago I realized I had the personality that enabled me to "get by" with saying some things that a lot of people just couldnt' say ... and I definitely use that to my business advantage. My speech, that could get some people slapped, actually got a bride to smile and I had more than one mother actually applaud me.

I have been wanting to share this speech for so long in the advice forums that I frequent and on my blog, but I knew the written word wouldn't have the same impact. I believe podcasting would be a great tool that will really demonstrate the technique of bringing a bridezilla-to-be back to reality.

Looking forward to your feedback!

The Speech:
"You may think this day is all about you but it's not (notice how I drag out the word "not"?). When you are standing at the front of the church, exchanging your vows, it IS about you. But once you walk down those steps, you are now hosting a very large event with guests to take care. And darlin', we ARE going to take care of them. Now .... what entree to do you think your GUESTS will enjoy?"

Once I recorded the podcast, I actually had trouble finding it and thought I'd never figure out how to post it on here. (Not sure that mine will publish here in the blog with the cool little icon like some of your's did.) Advice on how to do this more easily is greatly welcomed!

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use. ~Emily Post


  1. You are most definitely right about always losing to that southern drawl! My grandma can still envoke fear in me when she puts on that accent

  2. Very cool Podcast. Learned quite a few things when I listened to your recording. The way you talked about the southern drawl was right on.

  3. Thank you for sharing this speech, I loved it! Good job on your podcast!

  4. great speech, and its sooo true

  5. Thanks Debi. I love what you chose to do with the assignment. I also love how you bring up 'what you are able to get away with.' Because it is true, as the different groups that we belong to (cultural, ethnic, gender etc.) we ARE allowed to get away with different things. Thank you for starting the conversation about that!